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Obladis via Holzweg trail - Rabuschl - Frommes

Starting point: upper village fountain 
Character: This is the shortest and most direct ascent to the Frommeskreuz (Ladis home mountain, 2,247 m) also known as the Mattekopf. Most of it ascends through the forest, crossing forest tracks several times. Not difficult, but due to the altitude difference good physical condition is necessary. Stopover spots in Obladis or at the Frommes Alp.
Walking time: 35 minutes / approx. 1 ½ hours / 3 hours

Description: From the upper village fountain (L007, waterwheel) go along the Spiel- und Erlebnisweg (Play and Experience Trail). At the crossing at the edge of the forest (L056), the trail leads to the left through the forest up to Obladis (L065). Go past the barn on the right, up the short trail where you see the crossing in the trail to the left into the forest which now becomes steeper. Keep left, cross the forest track and follow the ascending forest trail on the left no. 5 (L018). At a forest clearing go right up (F021) the marked trail to the Rabuschlweg trail no. 4 (F023). The trail heads in the direction of Frommes into the Schlosswald forest (F024). After two more forest trail crossings, you reach the crossing at Windles (F053). A little detour on the wide trail to the left leads to the Frommes Alp (F055). Keep a little to the right and cross a tiny brook, the trail leads to the Frommeskreuz (F071), also known as the Mattekopf.



sports Hiking tour
distance 6.69 km
duration 3h
altitude 1046m
highest point 2218m
start Upper village fountain
endpoint Frommes
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