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Obladis über Waalsteig

Starting point: community hall at village centre 
Character: The Waalsteig trail is a little steep at the beginning.
Walking time: 45 minutes

Description: From the community hall (L006) walk left for a short time on the Razilweg trail. After the narrow segment between two farmhouses, go right, rather steeply, up the Heislegasse (L004) to the forest. Here, walk left for a short bit, then right to the water loop of the Wasserwandersteig (L010, Water Trail). The Waalsteig trail doesn’t only lead you to the Villa but also straight on to the forest track just below Obladis (L014).


sports Hiking tour
distance 1.26 km
duration 0.75h
altitude 210m
highest point 1391m
start Community hall at village centre
endpoint Obladis
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