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Obladis (vehicle road) – Schönegg – Rabuschl – Frommes Alp

Starting point: Ladis castle pond
Character: These are wide and not very steep hiking trails, usually through the forest, which can also be hiked in smaller segments or combined with other trails. Obladis: Waldcafé (forest café), Sauerbrunn sulphur springs, Schönegg: good viewpoints and rest spots, Rabuschl: children’s playground and barbecue spot with small pond, Frommes Alp: restaurant with terrace, birds of prey station and Tierlehrweg (Animal Theme Path).
Walking time: approx. 2 ½ hours

Description: At Schlossweiher pond (L009) go left to the Waldkapelle chapel (identical with trail no. 1). Just after the chapel, go left to Obladis (L065, 40 min.). Shortly before Obladis, the forest track on the right leads up to the Schönegg (L020, 1 1/4 hrs. from Ladis). Follow the forest track upwards until you reach the Fisser Almweg trail (F027) no. 4 and walk left on it to the Rabuschl (F025, 1 3/4 hrs. from Ladis). The trail leads slightly to the right at the Hubertushütte (F050) then in several serpentines into the Schlosswald forest and to the crossing at Windles (F053). Left, downhill a little, you reach the Frommes Alp (F055, 2 1/4 hrs.) in 2 minutes on the wide trail, while the right hand trail continues on, through serpentines, up to the tree line (F066/F067).



sports Hiking tour
distance 7.59 km
duration 3h
altitude 580m
highest point 1753m
start Ladis castle pond
endpoint Frommes Alp
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