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Schlossweiher - Neuegg - Wodeturm tower - Schöngampalm (Urgtal valley)

Starting point: Ladis castle pond
Character: A narrow asphalted road leads to Neuegg, then take the forest track, partly ascending, partly flat, through the forest. Stopover opportunities in Neuegg and at Schöngampalm. Mountain bike rental at Schöngampalm possible. The length of the trail (including return) should not be underestimated.
Walking time: 45 minutes - 1 hour - 3 hours

Description: From Schlossweiher pond (L009) walk to the village district Greit (L057), then to the Waldkapelle chapel and straight ahead to Neuegg (45 min.). After 10 minutes, you reach a crossing. Go right towards to the Wodeturm tower (L030). Half right (L029) to Hochgallmig (belongs to the village of Fließ) with the Fliesser trail no. 16 (2 3/4 hrs.). Take the trail up to the left (L032), then on the flat trail through the forest to the Maisbach brook (L034), further on to the Fisser Almweg trail no. 4 (F036). On this trail you reach the Schöngampalm (F039) in about 30 minutes (to this point, 3 hrs). Shortly before the Schöngampalm, the trail turns off to the right to the Urgsee lake (F038, 20 min.) and through the scenically beautiful Urgtal valley. For tour descriptions, see Fiss hiking trails. Since the valley region is so isolated, it is recommended to use the Schönjochbahn in Fiss to reach it.


sports Hiking tour
distance 10.16 km
duration 3h
altitude 857m
highest point 1837m
start Ladis castle pond
endpoint Schöngampalm
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