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Schönjöchl Rundweg (Schönjöchl circular hiking trail)

Starting point: Schönjochbahn mountain terminal
Character: An easy roundabout trail over the flat alpine pastures of the Schönjöchl, 2,493 m, walking is possible in both directions.
Description: From the Schönjochbahn mountain terminal (F087) go in a northeasterly direction (F088) on the left trail no. 25 to a small hut beside the lift and then on a flat path on over pastures to the broad ridge of the Naggalun (F044), then go right over these pastures up to the Schönjöchl (F079) with its summit cross. From here, either go on the vehicle track or on the wide ridge back on the trail to the cablecar (F087).


sports Hiking tour
difficulty medium
distance 2.48 km
duration 1h
altitude 121m
highest point 2483m
start Bergst. Schönjochbahn (Fisser Joch)
endpoint Bergst. Schönjochbahn (Fisser Joch)
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