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Seeweg trail to Überwasser

Starting point: Josefskapelle chapel
Character: The Seeweg trail is a slightly descending field trail through the charming hills of Fiss. It is the shortest hiking connection to Überwasser and recommended as a beautiful stroll near the village, especially in connection with trail no. 2 as a circular hike.
Walking time: 40 minutes

Description: At the chapel (F001) take the left trail as far as a sharp curve with a crucifix and bench (F002). Shortly before, the Seeweg trail turns off, descends slightly through beautiful hilly meadows and just before Überwasser crosses the main road Fiss-Ladis (F155). You can follow this road or cross it and reach the lake on a meadow trail in a few minutes. The natural bathing lake Überwasser is lovely, between two hills and lounging lawns. Return is also possible along the street or with the "Postbus" or hikers' bus. Hiking trail to Ladis approx. 30 minutes.


sports Mountain tour
distance 2.4 km
duration 0.67h
highest point 1432m
start Josefskapelle
endpoint Josefskapelle
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