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Steinegg – Fisser Joch via Karpensteinsteig trail

Starting point: Steinegg - Schönjochbahn mid station
Character: A seldom taken route, an alternative to the vehicle track. It is a little grown over, but very quiet and full of fine views.
Walking time : 1½ hours from Steinegg

Description: From the Steinegg (F061) take the vehicle track no. 9 to the second serpentine (F062). Then turn right onto the Fisser Höhensteig trail and the Karpensteinsteig path (F063). Just after a few meters, turn left moderately steep over high alpine pastures to a room-sized boulder (F094, Karpenstein). Now cross the vehicle track, up a bit more steeply, between the avalanche galleries onto a wide backed ridge (F084). The trail leads you left after a few
minutes to the Fisser Joch (F087) with its cablecar and restaurant. To the right, you go over the gentle wide ridge to the Schönjöchl summit cross (F079).


sports Mountain tour
difficulty medium
distance 3 km
duration 1.5h
altitude 566m
highest point 2459m
start Steinegg
endpoint Fisser Joch
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