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Waalweg to the Leithe Wirt

Starting point: Komperdell top station
Walking time: 45 minutes

Description: Downwards the Komperdell top station (S104), follow the sign Panorama Genussweg (Panorama Enjoyment Trail). At the Planseggbahn (S080, S081), leave the vehicle track and enter the buggy suitable gravel path until you reach a small bridge (S082). Continue along the water ditch (Waal) through the forest until you get back to the vehicle track no. 9 (S072). Follow it until you reach the Leithe Wirt (50 min.) and the road no. 9 or the Thaleweg trail will lead you back to Serfaus. A comfortable walk with enjoyment stations and a lot of benches to relax on.


sports Hiking tour, Thematic route
distance 5.09 km
duration 1.5h
altitude 26m
highest point 1980m
start Komperdell top station
endpoint Serfaus
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