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Starting point: upper village fountain 
Character: From healing waters to mineral waters and the castle pond. Energy for the body and soul. Hike the trails of the “Tyrolean Sauerbrunn Spring”, where exciting stop-offs explain the meaning and different uses of the water. The Water Hiking Trail has been given new life with the addition of exciting attractions by the two artists Manfred Hellweger and Sandra Brugger. The ancient legends of Ladis already told of the mystical significance of water. A young man died in the “Pond of the Water Nymphs at Obladis” because he was so enchanted by the beauty of the queen of the water nymphs. “The last knight of Laudeck” drowned in the castle pond because he could not wait to be swept up in the arms of his beloved.
Walking time: 1 an  hours

Description: A waterwheel (L007) at the beginning of the trail shows how the power of water was already used in the past for mills and sawmills. The trail continues past the “Wave” to the “Water Curtain”, with the “Water rides” and the newly designed “Giant spring” following thereafter. “Water drops” invite you to pause and rest at  the millstream. Hear the melody of the water which adapts precisely to the mood of the listener. Depending on how you feel, it can sound happy, placid or even sad . The stream flowing past is the accompanying orchestra with the millions of falling water droplets as its musicians. Beyond the Tuff Grotto’s “Fanggaloch” cave, the trail continues to the Sulphur Spring, which gets it red colour not from sulphur, but rather from a high content of iron, giving it a distinctive smell. The Sauerbrunn Spring is located at the end of the trail. Records dating back to 1571 already mention the coming of strangers and princes from South Tyrol, Switzerland and Bavaria to use
the healing power of the water. Even today, water from the “Tyrolean Sauerbrunn" is used to treat diseases of the kidneys, liver, intestine, stomach, as well as respiratory congestion, asthma, etc. The water is available to buy in bottles and can also be tasted on site at the spring.


sports Mountain tour, Themed walks
distance 1.82 km
duration 2h
altitude 249m
highest point 1400m
start Upper village fountain
endpoint Obladis
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