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Wiesenweg to Ladis

Starting point: Josefskapelle chapel 
Character: The Wiesenweg trail to Ladis runs flat and slightly downhill through an enchanting landscape of meadows and is the shortest trail between Fiss and Ladis.
Walking time: 1 hour

Description: At the Josefskapelle chapel (F001) we follow the left trail and hike straight to the main track which leads right trough the culture land of which the farmers are taking care of for many centuries already. At the last flat field grounds you reach a strikingly crossing (F003). At the left side the connection trail to the Langenweg trail leads off (F004), on which you can either hike to Ladis or to the Falterjöchl and Obladis (a little bit longer). The right trail leads you on a little bit steeper dropping trail to the Urschbühel and directly to Ladis (L002). For the way back we recommend the cable car or the postal or hikers' bus.


sports Hiking tour
distance 3.15 km
duration 1h
altitude 231m
highest point 1432m
start Josef chapel
endpoint Ladis
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