For the issue and use of the SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. the following stipulations are expressly considered agreed.

The SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. is made available by the issuing landlord for the duration of the stay to all guests correctly registered to be spending the night in accommodation provided by the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis tourism association and in accordance with the Austrian Registration Act. The issuance of the card depends on your given consent to process your personal data.

Scope of service/disclaimer:
Holders of the SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. should take note that operating hours and services of some partners do not overlap with the total period covered by the SUPER. SUMMER. CARD., especially due to weather dependent circumstances. They waive any claim for compensation if the services are not or only partially rendered by the company or without fault of the provider of the services offered.

The SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. is not transferable. Photo ID is to be produced on demand. You must immediately report loss of your card to your accommodation provider. The lost card loses its validity with immediate effect once a new card is issued.

The SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. season lasts from 12 June to 17 October 2021. The SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. is valid from the date of arrival until the date of departure inclusively.

If you misuse this card or if there is suspicion that it is being misused the service providers of the SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. are entitled and obliged to retain the card without replacement.

SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. cannot be issued:
People related to the accommodation provider in the ascending or descending line, siblings or a person closer related or relatives by marriage, shall not be entitled to be issued the SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. This persons are exempt from the visitor’s tax, however, the landlord is obliged to register their guests. 

Legal disclaimer:
Holders of the SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. should note that Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Marketing GmbH is only responsible for marketing the card and the card holder has no claim for compensation against Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis Marketing GmbH unless the services quoted in the brochure by partner companies were not duly or fully rendered.

Place of jurisdiction:
For all disputes arising from the use of the SUPER. SUMMER. CARD. or possible compensation or warranty claim, Landeck is considered as area of jurisdiction. The exclusive application of Austrian law is considered agreed.