Stoagraue (Local Sale)

A matter of attitude...

... is the breeding of rare livestock.

There is no question that high-performance and hybrid breeds have their place in today's society. But we like to leave this field to others. On our mountain farm at an altitude of approx. 1450m we have dedicated ourselves completely to the old breeds.
Just because of the prevailing conditions here, these old, robust breeds are perfect. We therefore select mainly for hardiness, maternal instinct and feed conversion.

If animals are not suitable for breeding, they still stay with us on the farm until slaughter. We ourselves take the animals to the nearby butcher and market all products directly to the end customer.

Thus we accommodate on our Arche farm...

... the Tyrolean Stone Sheep, in the colors gray and white.
... chamois colored mountain goats.
... Austrian-Hungarian white Baroque donkeys.
... various breeds of chickens, quails and ducks.
... a border collie.
... Viennese rabbits and other hares.
... as well as our farm cat "Becky".

The special...

... enjoy with all senses.

Our animals give us more than just high quality meat, best milk, beautiful skins or warming wool. If we treat them with care, they reflect us and give us back the feeling of peace, security and meaningfulness.

But not only the animals in the stable belong to us. We also attach importance to versatility in our farm garden, try out some things, discard others that just won't grow and above all we let our bees fly.

Depending on the season you can get meat and sausage products, various eggs, good from herbs and berries, skins, sheep wool pillows and much more.

Opening hours
We are currently not aware of any opening hours.
Please contact the company directly by telephone.


Dorfbahnstraße 53
6534 Serfaus

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