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Fiss - Obladis - Neuegg - Asterhöfe - Ladis - Fiss

Starting point: Latschthayaweg trail (grid square G2)
Description: Take trail no. 3 (F008) via Obladis (L065) to Neuegg (L025). At the crossing just behind Neuegg, continue to the right. The trail is flat to begin with, then goes steeply downhill to the Oberen and Unteren Asterhöfe (L051). Go up to the right for a short distance and then left (L052) onto the small forest trail to Ladis (L057, Greitweg trail). From Ladis via Wiesenweg trail back to Fiss.


sports Winter walking
distance 3.8 km
duration 1.5h
altitude 108m
highest point 1296m
start Latschthayaweg
endpoint Fiss
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