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Route 2 - Leithe Wirt

Characteristics: Pleasant connection route to get to "Leithe Wirt" crossing as well as to continue on route 3 - Königsleithe, route 4 - Sattelkopf, route 5 - Plansegg and route 6 - Komperdell

Route description:
The tour starts like "route 1 - Waldbahn" at the bottom station of the Waldbahn cable car. After a 30-minute walk, "route 1 - Waldbahn" branches off to the Familienweg. Stick to the Bifangweg. It takes you another 30 minutes to reach Leithe Wirt restaurant. From there, you can continue your ascent. Your options: route 3 -  Königsleithe, route 5 - Plansegg and route 6 - Komperdell



sports Ski tour
distance 2.9 km
altitude 240m
highest point 1650m
start Waldbahn Talstation
endpoint Restaurant Leithe Wirt
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