Muira Huangart Muira Huangart

Muira Huangart

The Muira Huangart is all about socialising, regional handicrafts and local culinary products. At the Muiren – a lush green hill with its Muirenkapelle chapel at the eastern end of the centre of Serfaus – there is a lot of activity on this special afternoon. A great atmosphere is provided by musicians with fantastic live music performance. Craft stalls offer their unique and authentic products, including pottery, carved, sewed and painted articles. A locally distilled “Schnapsl” and other farm delicacies are essential for summer bliss, aren’t they? There is a bit of´SFL for every taste – be it for at home or to be enjoyed during holiday.


20.06.2024 | Pramauer Musikanten
04.07.2024 | Tiroler Wirtshausmusi
18.07.2024 | Zammg'spielten
01.08.2024 | Michl Trio
29.08.2024 | Kochlach Musig
12.09.2024 | Schupfamusig
26.09.2024 | Brünndlmusig
10.10.2024 | Panzlmusig

Subject to change.

Date and time

  • Thursday, 20.06.2024
  • Thursday, 04.07.2024
  • Thursday, 18.07.2024
  • Thursday, 01.08.2024
  • Thursday, 29.08.2024
  • Thursday, 12.09.2024
  • Thursday, 26.09.2024
  • Thursday, 10.10.2024
  • each 14:00 - 18:00 O'clock

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