Murmli Water, marmot cave &
marmot enclosure

The paradise for every child

The water playground Murmli Water near Komperdell middle station is a 15,000 m² big area. Because of ecological reasons the torrent flowing there has not been changed, so it was involved as the central element in the area. Leading figure of the whole park is “Murmli” the Serfaus children’s mascot which is rich in tradition and got his name from the marmots that are pretty noticeable in the region.

The park consists of numerous interactive stations grouped around the torrent. There are clay ponds, pillow pumps, sand playgrounds, stones, land slide hills, water stairs, a Murmli spiral, a cliff labyrinth, playhouses and a Murmli lighthouse with a picnic area. Children can design the area even more interesting with stone dams and diversions planned on their own.

In the middle of a lake you can find a marmot cave. An elaborate system of caves, 200 metres long, provides an insight into the hidden world of the four-legged terrestrials. In the underground it’s dark and so also in the marmot cave. If you are concerned to loose orientation while roaming through the tunnels you can give a sigh of relief because of the exits every 15 to 20 metres.

Close to the Murmli Water there is also a marmot enclosure with real marmots. Young and old alike can watch five or six of them.

At a central position of the park there is a relaxation zone with sun loungers for the parents brought by the children. It is placed higher with a free sight on all playing stations. The parents can follow the loud dirt battles in the clay pond but they are not allowed to intervene. After all it’s the world of the kids.


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