The best ski schools and kids ski courses in Tyrol

The Ski School Serfaus and the Ski School Fiss-Ladis are two of the best Ski Schools in Tyrol (distinguished with 5 snow crystals in Gold and Silver and the Quality Award - Snowsport Tirol of the Tyrolian association of ski instructors). All of their attention is placed on top quality training and service. They provide a wide range of special offers such as:

Ski courses for children using the latest training methods

Specially trained staff looks after the children who haven't yet decided if they want to ski or just have fun. Using advanced educational methods, children can learn to become small skiing fans without any pressure at all.

Ski instructors accompany beginners or more advanced skiers over best prepared pistes, deep snow slopes and firn downhills. The ski schools on the high plateau are placing their attention on training and qualifications and can rightly claim to be among the best in the Alps.

The Snow-V

Snow-V - learn the snowplow much faster | © Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis/Tirol
Snow-V - learn the snowplow much faster © Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis/Tirol

The ski school Fiss-Ladis exclusively invented and tested an absolute world first, which will be in use: The “Snow-V“. With the help of 2 rails, where the beginners can easily slide on with their skis, ski newcomers can learn the snow plow and also how to edge almost intuitive. If it is not working at first try, the ski instructor can always help a little bit with a hand gear. With lightning speed you can see the succeeding. The – sometimes for small children occuring – frustration disappears and the ski fun can begin.

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