Mysterious tree house poses a real puzzle

A mysterious tree house and the strange appearance of larger-than-life animals and plants have led to a major investigation being launched in part of a wood near the little village of Ladis. Plans are now in place to send out children’s search parties from the start of summer to investigate the area surrounding the tree house and to find an explanation for these puzzling occurrences.

At the start the children only know that a mysterious tree house has been discovered in the wood. On the way to the tree house they have to acquire the skills of a trapper to solve many tasks and deal with lots of adventures. They encounter giant snails, see the world from the perspective of an ant, have to recognise animal tracks and touch and feel animal skins in order to close in on the tree house. The tree house which the youngsters eventually discover is probably everything a child could wish for and testifies to the inventive mind of an eccentric scientist.

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walking time
difference in altitude
1-2 hours
170 m
above Ladis
SFL Live
5 Sun hours
9 of 11 lifts opened
Summer panorama