Thomas Brezina's
The Pirate's Trail

Find Captain Pepper's Treasures

The puzzle of Captain Pepper and his sailor Chili

It is said a ghost ship have flown in one stormy night.

Onboard: Captain Pepper and his sailor Chili.

They have both been cursed and will not find peace until their treasure brings joy to many people.

The ship sways wildly above the forest. Many things goes overboard. The ship alights on the mountain. Captain Pepper and Chili hide the chest with the treasure. The treasure is not just silver and gold coins. Oh no!

The adventure starts here...

The Pirate's trail starts on Komperdell at the Murmli Water in Serfaus.

Go up with the Komperdellbahn to the middle station and follow the marks until the start, which is above the Murmli Water.

We hope you enjoy the hunt for the treasure of Captain Pepper and his Sailor Chili and wish you a lot of fun.

More information

walking time
difference in altitude
about 2 hours
100 m
at Komperdell nearby the Murmli Water in Serfaus (ascent with the Komperdellbahn - exit middle station)

The Pirate's Trail is a round course and suitable for buggies.

Adventure Mountains. (german)
Summer Dream.