A flying cottage that landed on its head

The upside-down cottage is the finale of a story entitled The Witch’s Trail. Entering the cottage you remark that also the furnishings do a headstand. The Witches’ Trail has lots of riddles and challenges but also fabulous phenomenons ready which have to be solved with skill and resourcefulness.

Kids have to recognize strange noises and sounds, for instance, and balance on or climb over obstacles. They see strange doors, chairs and mirrors hanging in the trees. Situational thinking, creativity and perseverance are required of the children before they finally reach the witch’s cottage. Here they discover the story behind the story. The witch Grisbella Glockenkuss tried an experiment, and something went wrong. Her cottage flew up into the air and landed upside down on the ground. The objects that the children came across during their journey, lying on the ground or hanging in the trees, that formed part of the mystery, were all from her cottage.

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walking time
difference in altitude
1-2 hours
430 m
at the Schönjochbahn midway station in Fiss
SFL Live
5 Sun hours
9 of 11 lifts opened
Summer panorama