A flying cottage that landed on its head

The story of Peppina and Fips

Somewhere, not far from here, lives the young witch Peppina and her brother Fips.

Peppina loves flying on her broomstick. She can even perform air ballet on her witches' broom. Fips often plays flashball with his friends. It is like football, but the ball is a real flash of lightning.

Their father invents and builds flying brooms. Their mother is a singer. Her songs are hits in the Witchy Charts.

But a charm of the two young magicians went wrong and so the witch house flew through the air and finally landed on the roof. On the way to the witch house, there are a numerous items that flew out of the house during the flight. Find them and go to the witch house to solve the puzzle.


The adventure starts here...

Go up with the Schönjochbahn in Fiss until the middle station.

From here you follow the marks until the entrance. The entrance is a few meters beneath the middle station.
The entrance for the second part of the Witches' Trail is straight at the Kuhalm.

We wish you a lot of fun and hope you can solve the puzzle.

More information

walking time
difference in altitude
about 1-2 hours
about 430 m (down)
at the Schönjochbahn middle station in Fiss
SFL Live
0 Sun hours
0 of 68 lifts opened
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